Be the Warrior

After many years of practicing yoga in studios and at home, I finally took the leap and entered a level two class. I was intimidated and unsure if my body would keep up with the rest of the class, but if I didn’t go now, when would I?
I entered the room and the instructor began with Warrior right away, and it started a “Be the Warrior” mantra in my head. We did a sequence that ended in a slow plank-style push up. My arms were shaking, and this was only warm-up. I continued to follow along. Some students in the class expressed their struggles during difficult poses with exasperated breaths paired with wobbly legs. This was met with lighthearted encouragement from the instructor and students. No matter how challenging the sequences became, I clung onto the group support and kept my Warrior mantra going.
By the end of class, I found myself in a headstand, a feat I have never once attempted before. On my walk home, I was ecstatic about this accomplishment. I felt so STRONG and realized I had never chased that feeling before. Since that class, I actively try to build strength, and I admire the new feeling of getting stronger every day.
During the holidays, when struggle comes your way, use the mantra:
“Be the Warrior. Be Strong. Be the Warrior. Be Strong.”

by Calliope Scherrer

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