We are planning for a careful re-opening of our studios to the public. Live-stream classes will continue. Are you ready to come back to the studio? We would love to hear from you! Please email your comments to [email protected]

Level 1

Yoga Basics

This class presents and refines the standard Hatha Yoga postures and breathing practices, focusing on alignment and form, as well as physical balance. In our practice, we also find balance between movement and stillness, strength and suppleness, body, mind and spirit. All poses can be modified to meet the needs of your body. Please let the instructor know of any limitations.

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Hatha Yoga

Build on your understanding and experience of correct alignment and internal awareness as you move through sequences crafted to ensure sustainable yoga. Emphasis is on a practice that calms the nervous system and invigorates the body. As in all classes, the instructor suggests modifications so that students may adapt the class to suit their goals and fitness level.

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