Coming Home to Self

Many of us are drawn to yoga because we are looking for something (to feel better in our bodies, increased health and wellness, community) and we recognize the potential healing force of this practice. Suppose for a moment that this looks different for all of us, because we are all unique in our life experiences, learning styles, and the mental framework with which we approach the practice. Let’s also imagine that what we are looking for might already be within us. Through the practice of movement, breath, self-examination and meditation, we might begin to peel back some layers to catch a glimpse of what may have been there all along.
My teacher has helped me develop some curiosity and skills to explore the possibility of yoga not as a tool to fix what is wrong with me but yoga as a sweet and tender process of self-acceptance and working with my body and mind as they are. Through our contact with the external world and our familiar inner dialogue, we may not often take in the message that we are whole, that we deserve to love ourselves and be loved just the way we are. No matter what form of practice you are drawn to, I invite you to join me in this adventure and learn about yourself, just as you are. Teachers can share maps and shine the light in different directions; it’s up to you where you choose to go. And maybe you’re coming home.

by Calliope Scherrer

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