WE ARE OPEN AGAIN! We can have up to 6 students in our Southwind studio. Virtual and In-Studio options are listed in our schedule under the "CLASSES" button. Click "JOIN ZOOM" below to go to our virtual studio. (Password EY97405)

A note from Valerie

First, the virtual classes are going great! I am so impressed by our teachers - they have stepped way outside their comfort zones! It is not easy to do this work without the immediate feedback from seeing students, not to mention the extra physical effort the teachers are expending by demonstrating the entire class, teaching with their bodies and voices for the full hour. Thank you for acknowledging our work with your attendance, your kind words of encouragement, your thanks, and of course your financial support.

The What? Why? and How? of Sound Meditation

Sound Healing? Sound Therapy? Sound Meditation? Sound Bath? I’m confused! Which is it? What is it? In general, all of these terms are correct and used interchangeably! The modality is often referred to as sound healing or sound therapy, and sessions are often referred to as sound baths or sound meditations...

The Gift of Yoga

For the majority of my life, I was severely disconnected from my body. The words that could sum up my decade long abusive relationship with my body are: isolated, numb, weak, broken, hatred, resistance, shame, and PAIN. When I discovered yoga as a daily practice, I was able to transform and transcend away from all of those words. (click the title to read more...)

Eight Tips For A Healthy Lymphatic System

The human body has 600 to 1000 lymph nodes and a complex network of vessels that transport lymphatic fluid to and from the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system picks up anything that the blood does not. This Lymph Obligatory Load, or LOL, is responsible for carrying away cell debris, pathogens, dust, certain chemicals, and maintaining homeostasis (fluid balance)... (click the title to read more)

Connecting the Mind and Body

The state of the mind strongly influences the state of the body; I think we’ve all experienced how health suffers during stressful times. Generally less appreciated is the power of the body to influence the mind. Through mindful movement and breathing, the body holds promise as a vehicle to work with the mind... (click the title to read more)

5 Types of Balance

Uh Oh... Look at all the shoes! The Saturday 9am class is always crowded, but based on the mountain range of flip-flops, loafers, and tennis shoes, it looks like today is going to be sardines. It’s 9:01 as you scan the room through rows of yogis and yoga paraphernalia... (click the title to read more)

Challenging Ourselves To Grow In Our Practice

Within the hustle and bustle of our lives, sometimes our yoga practice can take the backseat. Perhaps we have just become bored or stagnant in our practice. There have been times in my life where I definitely have fallen into both of those traps and I always pay for it physically, mentally, and emotionally... (click the title to read more)

A Lesson in Ahimsa

Just about a year ago, I underwent a major surgery. As I made preparations to be out of work for possibly several months, I shared my situation with Diane Butera, and she immediately found coverage for my gentle & restorative class. She assured me that I was not alone, and that my class would be there for me when I was ready to return... (click the title to read more)

Keeping Your Practice Alive

Imagine a beautiful garden, lush and green, blooming with the fruits of your labor. Think about the time and attention it would take to not only grow the garden, but to maintain it and work with its changing needs. Now imagine how the garden would look if it was not tended to for a week, a month, or a year... (click the title to read more)

A Place of Profound Relaxation

The practices of intention setting and visualization hold an almost magical power for me. Many teachers and authors from a wide range of backgrounds have taught these practices and their benefits. In Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey shares that all things are created twice... (click the title to read more)

In Rhythm With The Seasons

I love summer. I love the feeling of the sun warming my skin. Long summer days by beautiful Oregon rivers, gathering with friends to share the summer’s bounty. As summer wanes and the days grow shorter and the mornings hold a whisper of autumn in the chilled air, a pit of loss always develops deep in my belly. I am a true Oregon baby... (click the title to read more)

Gratitude Through Transition

When I came to Eugene Yoga about three and a half years ago, I needed a refuge. My life as I knew it had been pulled apart as a debilitating chronic illness forced me to move back home to Eugene, across the world from my husband and job. I needed somewhere to go every day, a place to move and to be in my body... (click the title to read more)

The Power of Our Breath

Each breath we take is a connection of mind and body; a natural channel into our emotions and well-being. So ingrained in us as we live, yet not always aware of how it permeates throughout our days. In yoga we’re guided through our breathing and feel a calm overcome us as we practice, but off the mat I haven’t always efficiently utilized each breath I take... (click the title to read more)

You’ve Got This

Everything you’ve been carrying is not actually part of your body. All these choices have attached themselves like timeworn crust, old skin tags in awkward world... (click the title to read more)

Learning to Learn

After working at Eugene Yoga, I decided to expand my own practice and earn a yoga teacher certification. This 200-hour program, which spans over 8 months, is coming to an end this month. As graduation approaches, I am amazed by how difficult and transformative it has been to learn about yoga—and how much I still have to learn about myself... (click the title to read more)

Yoga for Healthy Aging

With prescription glasses, I can see signs of aging with greater clarity, and I know I’m not alone. Osteopenia. Joint stiffness. Did I forget to mention memory? With each new grey hair, I search for the granny gear to slow this train down... (click the title to read more)

The Struggle is Real

You utter the popular “the struggle is real” saying to someone and you’ll almost always get an all-knowing nod or head shake. Because we all inevitably suffer the trials of life. It’s a thing that makes us human, and it connects us all. The struggle is one important reason we practice yoga... (click the title to read more)

Embodied Practice

“Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body." This quote from a James Joyce novel often brings a smile to my students’ faces. It literally expresses the opposite of embodied yoga... (click the title to read more)