The Gift of Yoga

by Calliope Scherrer

For the majority of my life, I was severely disconnected from my body. The words that could sum up my decade long abusive relationship with my body are: isolated, numb, weak, broken, hatred, resistance, shame, and PAIN.

        When I discovered yoga as a daily practice, I was able to transform and transcend away from all of those words. The new words I embrace include: freedom, release, patience, compassion, progress, pleasure, strength, determination, and SANCTUARY.

        Yoga was the right tool for me in unlocking and releasing my emotional pain. It was the ticket to changing my perspective and beliefs about what it means to be a human being in a body. Yoga gives me a safe space to hang out with myself. It allows me to listen and tend to my truest needs, wants, and desires. On and off the mat yoga has shown me how to breathe through difficulties, and that triumph and progress are 100% possible.

        I am eternally grateful that Eugene Yoga introduced yoga to me in a way that has allowed me to make this major shift. In yoga classes at other studios I felt that there was a sense of needing to “workout” or “be flexible.” I never understood the DEEPER meaning behind yoga; I only knew it as a physical posture. The instructors at EY incorporate yoga philosophy into their instructions, which is how I ended up making the profound changes listed above.

       Thank you Eugene Yoga. 

October 2019