The Power of Our Breath

by Allegra Bennett

“When life is foggy, path is unclear and mind is dull, remember your breath. It has the power to give you the peace. It has the power to resolve the unsolved equations of life.”
-Amit Ray, Beautify Your Breath – Beautify Your Life

     Each breath we take is a connection of mind and body; a natural channel into our emotions and well-being. So ingrained in us as we live, yet not always aware of how it permeates throughout our days. In yoga we’re guided through our breathing and feel a calm overcome us as we practice, but off the mat I haven’t always efficiently utilized each breath I take. When we’re anxious or rushed we often take short shallow breaths; calm and relaxed we take the time to embrace each inhale and exhale. Having recently moved after ten years of living a fast-paced big city life in New York, it dawned on me that now I’m finally breathing. I don’t have to be on the go to feel accomplished. It seems so simple, yet it’s easy to get so involved in what’s happening that we use our breath only as a means to survive. Not as a way to live and welcome what we have to offer on our journey. When I take the time to close off the stresses of the environment and the society around me to focus on my breathing, I feel as if I have found a new perspective and clarity. There’s a lot going on in the world, and taking those moments to step back and breathe helps in feeling the power of my breath and how it helps me to embody what I have to offer. A connection to the calm we need in our lives. During Savasana in class I let my mind go blank as every muscle sinks into the floor. I close my eyes and feel my breath. I realize that this is what it feels like to be at peace in the moment. 

July 2018