Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of yoga classes with a focus on sustainability – yoga that can be practiced for life.

Our classes range in levels from Gentle to Level 2, so we have offerings for beginners totally new to yoga, advanced practitioners, and everyone in between.

We have dozens of unique classes that all fall under the following categories.  A full description of each instructor’s offerings are listed on our schedule pages.

$8 Yoga

$8 Yoga, also referred to as Community Yoga, are budget-friendly classes we offer a couple times per week at each location in an effort to make yoga accessible to the entire community. You can expect a Hatha practice unless otherwise specified, and some of the classes are on a rotation or different instructors.


Flow, also referred to as Vinyasa, is a type of asana practice that builds off of Hatha by connecting poses with flowing movements. Flow classes are more fast-paced and cardiovascular than Hatha classes.


Gentle classes are slower, more gentle versions of Hatha practice. Gentle classes are great for beginners or for practitioners looking to build strength but take it easy in terms of movement.


The basis of yoga asana practice, Hatha focuses on the poses themselves as opposed to the movements between them.

Specialty Classes

A sort of catch-all for our other classes, Specialty classes offer a specific asana practice, non-yoga classes, or classes that offer elements of yoga asana with other forms of movement or exercise melded together.

Class Levels


Gentle classes are suitable for beginners to yoga, people who have not exercised in a while, or anyone looking to get in some healthy movement without expending too much energy.

Level 1

Level 1 classes are meant for beginners to yoga, people who have been away from yoga for a long time, or anyone looking for lighter variations and more explanation of poses.

Level 2

Level 2 classes are meant for practitioners with yoga experience who will know poses by name and who are looking for a more challenging practice.

All Levels

All Levels classes are suitable for all levels, except for absolute beginners to yoga. Poses will not be explained as much as they will in a Gentle or Level 1 class. Variations are offered in All Levels classes so that your practice is whatever you make of it.