We are so happy to be operating a normal schedule again. Come practice with us in-studio with masks on and doors/windows open, or in our virtual space. Breathe in the fresh air, breathe out compassion, love, and gratitude. Om Shanti.


We’re so pleased to have our studios open to small groups [up to 9 students indoors with masks on, 13 students outdoors masks optional].  If you’re not ready to come back to the studio in-person, please sign-up for the “Virtual” version of the class you would like to attend.

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Virtual classes still available

Practicing social distancing? For the safety and comfort of our students, as we begin to carefully re-open classes to the public, many of our in-studio classes will also be live-streamed.   In addition most of our existing virtual classes will continue to be live-streamed.  Not sure where to find virtual classes?  Look for the word “Virtual” in the class title.  We know this is a stressful time, and yoga is a great way to help you deal with stress and boost your immune system. It’s more important than ever to stay in practice!