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Memorial Day Donation Class

w/ Jennifer Jamieson

Today at Eugene Yoga

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Sound Meditation

Tuesday, April 23rd, 7-8pm

Experience the benefits of multi-dimensional sound therapy for body, mind and spirit. Each session allows participants the opportunity to relax while various instruments are played for their rejuvenating and balancing properties. Amy facilitates a nurturing, held space to explore, heal and transform. Come ready to receive, and leave with a deep sense of peace and tranquility.

Yoga for Happy Hips & Knees

Saturday, April 27rd, 2-5pm

Jennifer Jamieson is a yoga educator who brings wisdom, kindness, and inquiry to the mat. This workshop will include basic anatomy and function of your hips and knees, as well as yoga asana and exercises to help support strength and mobility, as well as, self compassion for all our knees and hips do! 

Aroma Yoga

Saturday, April 27th, 1-3pm

Laura Black, a fun and challenging vinyasa teacher invites you to reinvigorate your senses as Spring blooms around us. Come experience an afternoon of body opening, joint rehabilitation, and aromatic rejuvenation with this sensory yoga experience.

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