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Peri-Menopause Education and Support Circle w/ Athena Rose

Join a circle of Sisters as we explore the journey towards Menopause. Did you know 40% of a women’s life is spent in Menopause? In this class we will explore the physical changes and emotions that arise during this stage of life. This is an exciting transition in a Woman’s life that should be honored and celebrated as an initiation into the Sacred Crone archetype.

This circle will be lead by educator and herbalist Athena Rose who is based in Hawaii. Athena Rose has been holding Women’s Circles for over 7 years in Oregon and Hawaii. She is a Mother of five and Grandmother of two. She will share practical ways to ease the transition to menopause through herbs, medicinal foods and lifestyle habits. Join this community of Sisters and find support on your peri-menopause journey.

Deepening Into Self-Compassion w/ Rachel Chase

Sunday, July 7th, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Enjoy a two-hour journey with gentle yoga, mindfulness meditation, pranayama, sound healing, contemplation, and deep relaxation. Bring your journals. You will be guided through a beautiful process of self-reflection, exploring ways to deepen your self-compassion practice.

The practice includes a beautiful mantra meditation, using the voice to expand our heart energy. The workshop will be conducted in a circular structure, allowing participants to experience the power of group connection and healing. There will be some off-the-mat movement to awaken natural somatic connection for emotional freedom and energy clearing. It will culminate in a lovely gong and crystal bowl sound healing meditation. You will leave feeling refreshed, inspired, connected, elevated, and very relaxed.

Holistic Way of Life w/ Neelam Kanwar- Summer Session

Sunday, July 14th, 2:00pm-4:30pm at South Studio

In this first of four holistic wellness workshops, instructor Neelam Kanwar will be focusing on balancing the warming energies. Focuses will include

  1. Digestion as it relates to nutrition in summer (Aahar);
  2. Breathwork (Pranayama) for Summer season;
  3. Specific cooling Yoga poses (Asana) for Summer; and
  4. Daily routine (Dincharya) for Summer.
    The culinary highlight will be learning to make cooling herbal teas and lassis (Dairy & Vegan options)!

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