Inspired by the invitation yoga offers to practice and grow in community, Amalia’s classes explore self awareness alongside awareness of the larger ecosystem, with humor, creativity, and heart. In practice with Amalia, you can expect a balance of fluid movements and strength building sequences, alongside traditional asana, yogic philosophy, chanting, pranayama, and deep relaxation.

Amalia studied with Sarahjoy Marsh at the DAYA foundation in Portland OR and completed her 200 hour teacher training with a focus on mindfulness, neuroscience, and Ayurveda. A personal interest in the intersections of yoga and social justice led her to study accessible, inclusive, and contextualized yoga practices. Some of her ongoing teachers include Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes of “Yoga For All”, Michelle C. Johnson of “Skill in Action”, and “Finding Refuge”, and Susanna Barkataki, creator of the “Honor, Don’t Appropriate Yoga Summit”, and “Honor Yoga’s Roots” teacher trainings and workshops.

Amalia keeps her knowledge of the complex and wondrous human body growing, studying anatomy, biomechanics, functional movement, and yoga therapy. A native Oregonian, musician, mom of twins, movement nerd, and lover of cookbooks, Amalia offers a nurturing space for students to tune in to their own deep reservoir of strength and stillness.



Anne has practiced yoga for almost 40 years. She believes the greatest teacher is the one students find in themselves, when they creatively explore and viscerally understand their body’s own unique patterns and experiences. Yoga has been central to Anne’s ability to engage in vigorous physical activities, while creating harmony with past injuries and chronic pain.

Anne has two 200-hour RYT certifications, including a 100-hour Anusara Immersion, with Sandy Adler and Michele Bulgatz, as well as teacher training with Sarahjoy Marsh. Anne also trained in Yoga Nidra with Lisa Namyet and obtained her certificate as a Bo Yoga Instructor with Nate Guadagni. As a teacher, Anne leads her classes in slow and deliberate rhythms that allow for self-awareness and deep experiences of integration and alignment. Anne has a BA in South Asian Languages and Indian Epic Literature (Mahabharata and Ramayana), studied Hindi, Urdu, and Sanskrit and lived in South Asia. Anne has an MA in Third World Development, is an attorney, a Certified Presence-Based® Coach and is also a certified mediator who works with Eugene’s Center for Dialogue and Resolution.



A native D.C./Virginian, Anne-Marie moved to Eugene in pursuit of a more outdoors-centric and laid-back lifestyle. Off the mat, you can find her gardening, climbing, hiking, exploring the food and drink scene, reading, and above all else, mothering her very active toddler. Anne-Marie firmly believes in the transformative and healing powers of yoga. In her classes she strives to create an encouraging and welcoming space. Anne-Marie teaches a vinyasa style of yoga where sequences are created to support and develop flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. Expect to get a little sweaty! She hopes students feel inspired and empowered to carry the benefits of the yoga practice into their lives. Anne-Marie received her 200-RYT designation from Tranquil Space in Washington D.C. and has been teaching for 5 years



Throughout my years of practicing and teaching yoga my relationship to the teachings have grown. What started as a physical practice has become a skill set for me that I practice on my mat to bring out into my daily life. It is a mirror where I can reflect honestly and compassionately.

I completed my original 200hr YTT in 2011 at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA with Ganga White and Tracy Rich. The training inspired me to continue learning with many teachers including SarahJoy Marsh and Scott Anderson.

I draw from yoga philosophy, movement studies, anatomy, ten years of teaching experience and my own practice to weave together classes that are grounding, exploratory and fun. My intention is to use movement and physical expression as a tool for deeper self inquiry and meditation.



Brie is passionate about teaching yoga because she loves humans! “It’s an honor to support people in their self-discovery, in finding a gentle pathway into themselves. Holding a safe space, one that gives permission to explore what it feels like to be fully embodied is one of the best parts about being a yoga teacher. To submerge in the joy of community while supporting a practice of radical self-acceptance, carried by the collective breath is awesome! (and important, scary, and beautiful!). I love that my “job” is to offer that point of reflection back to people’s own strength and capacity, especially in the aging body.”

Brie is a certified 500hr RYT in yoga therapy and several other specialized certificates. She has been teaching yoga for fifteen years. Brie practices asana almost every day and LOVES attending regular studio classes around town! She is a life-long learner and has a passion for continuing education. Much of what she offers her students comes from the explorations in a personal practice. She loves it when something she’s been practicing or teaching is cracked wide open to reveal a completely new route or language. This is where the magic lies! Brie seeks out adventures around the world to train and to practice with humans from different cultures and backgrounds. Brie sings, “The power of the collective breath is a universal love language! And… I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO LEARN!”



Carolyn began practicing yoga in 2004 and quickly found it a way to become present in body and mind. She feels called to support others on their path towards self acceptance and non-judgment. She holds a 200-hour yoga teaching certification from Ananda Yoga. Carolyn has a 20 year history of working in the mental health field and brings a gentle sense of compassion and love to her teaching.



Donna O’Neil’s journey with yoga is that of a healing and spiritual path, begun back in 1986. It has helped her through life challenges such as scoliosis, breast cancer, knee replacements, and even teaching middle school! Having taught yoga since 1995, her classes guide students into a deeper experience of the body and into the heart of our highest Self. Certified at the E500 level through Ananda Yoga, her experienced teaching specializes in helping to guide people through a safe and enjoyable practice. All her classes include gentle movement, core awareness, alignment, therapeutic strengthening, meditation, and deep relaxation techniques. In addition to her regular classes, she leads retreats and teaches special workshops such as Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


RYT500, Ph.D.

Erin first engaged with yoga after a knee injury challenged her to explore new ways of managing anxiety and engaging the physical body. Since then, asana (postures), pranayama (breath control), and the study of Yoga Philosophy and Ayurvedic Medicine have become integral to her daily life! As in her own daily practice, Erin’s classes emphasize breath control, alignment integrity, and deep core engagement, all toward the end of cultivating self-awareness—on and off the mat.

Erin deeply respects the reciprocal learning process inherent in teaching (yoga). Erin completed a 200-hour YTT through Yoga Shakti, a studio dedicated to the preservation and transmission of traditional yoga knowledge and practices. More recently, Erin completed the 500-hour YTT, which focuses on the anatomical, theoretical, and experiential aspects of both Yoga and Ayurveda. With a (bilingual) Ph.D. in Latina/Chicana Studies, Erin has taught at universities and youth/senior centers, worked in nonprofit settings, led self-defense classes as well as environmental activist workshops. In 2020, Erin’s love for and commitment to yoga also inspired her to offer donation-based outdoor yoga and virtual classes/workshops year-round, a program that continues today.

Delighted to participate in the Eugene Yoga community, Erin looks forward to getting to know you and your practice!


David Swenson Ashtanga TT, MA Dance

Jean is, in no particular order: a yogini, dog lover, mother of Gus, mother of rescue pup Hugo, Gyrotonic trainer, gardener, bike rider, sun worshipper, mystery novel reader, tap dancer/hoofer, chipaholic, Netflix binger, modern dancer with a love of spacious three-dimensional movement, 30+ year Eugenian transplanted from Chicago, cancer survivor, lover of detail, avocado fanatic, cineaste, a Duck fan and a diehard Cubs fan, teetotaler, Leo sun and Leo moon, Justin Peck groupie, movement educator.



Jennifer is a yoga educator who brings wisdom, kindness, and inquiry to the mat. She blends heartfelt yoga philosophy, and asana, with the intelligence of the biomechanics of the body. She skillfully teaches to a diversity of students, enabling each to find ease and confidence on the mat. Her ability to take her life experiences as a single mother of two brings community and connection to the yoga experience. She is grateful to her teachers, Sarahjoy Marsh and Scott Anderson, with whom she participated in 500-hour RYT trainings.



Laura Black is a dancer, yogi, and professional astrologer. She integrates western astrology and the cycles and seasons of life into her own yoga practice, class offerings, and personal philosophy. Her favorite things include live music, drum circles, dance parties, long hikes, sunshiney days, star-spangled nights, and rabbit-hole conversations with deeply curious minds. Laura holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Oregon and is a Registered 200hr E RYT with the Yoga Alliance.


RYT500, iRest® Yoga Nidra Certified

Lisa Namyet has a 25-year yoga practice and re-discovered yoga in a whole new way in the year 2000 after a series of unfortunate injuries. She worked to heal from the inside out by quieting the mind, being present in each moment, and using positive intention. Lisa’s passion is to help others rejuvenate and heal the body and mind through the use of gentle movement, breathwork, restorative yoga, and the healing guided meditation of Yoga Nidra (proven to reduce stress and improve sleep and well-being). Combining her skills from careers in nursing, business management and parenting, in 2015, Lisa completed a 500-hour Yoga Teacher and Therapy training with Sarahjoy Marsh in Portland, OR. In 2016, she completed Richard Miller’s Level 1 and 2 iRest® Yoga Nidra trainings, and, in 2017, Lisa was certified by the IAYT as a Yoga Therapist. In 2021, Lisa completed a 2-year certification process in the protocol of iRest® Yoga Nidra.



Roxanne Butler is an integrative embodiment practitioner with a focus on the relationships between self, other, & environment. Her work is intended to facilitate awareness of how these relationships are habitually expressed within the human nervous system and experienced as dissonance between how we feel and how we behave. She’s found that through this awareness, alignment between intention and action may be restored, a sense of home in the body may be remembered, and healing becomes possible. This work may support sleep, stress, pain and overall sense of aliveness.



I began my career as a yoga educator in 2007. I am a 500-hour ERYT and have spent the last ten years strongly committed to sharing my understanding and experience of yoga with many people. In my classes I am dedicated to holding a space for people who are interested in exploring their own unique expression of yoga. First and foremost, I am devoted to supporting every student I work with creating a wholesome sustainable practice. Physically, I strive to create sequences that support the development of both strength and flexibility. Mentally, I am inspired to weave the dynamic breath practices that are fundamental in yoga to develop the ability to focus and calm the mind. Emotionally, it is my highest hope that anyone who I share with feels secure and confident in their personal practice. See you on the mat!


RYT200, MS Health Education

My interest in yoga began in 1994 while studying mind-body interactions during graduate school. Over the years I’ve studied several yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques in pursuit of a better understanding of how mind-body connections affect and enhance health. Always a lover of the outdoors, I love to surf, rock climb, hike and camp. In 2008 a surfing accident resulted in a severe nerve injury that set me on the journey to my current daily practice. I aspire to inspire my students by offering a guided practice that challenges them to grow at their own pace, without judgment. I am honored to serve my students, and hope to see you on the mat soon.