Inspired by the invitation yoga offers to practice and grow in community, Amalia’s classes will nurture self awareness alongside awareness of the larger ecosystem. Influenced by years of dance, her classes pulse with life, humor, curiosity, and dynamic stillness. Amalia studied with Sarahjoy Marsh at the DAYA foundation in Portland OR and completed her 200 hour teacher training with a focus on mindfulness, neuroscience, and Ayurveda. Her ongoing studies into functional movement, yoga therapy, and human biomechanics show up as creative and challenging practices, applicable both in and out of the studio.

A native Oregonian, self proclaimed movement nerd, and longtime teacher, Amalia offers a nurturing space for students to tune in to their own deep reservoir of strength and stillness. She invites curious exploration of the human condition with great empathy for its challenges, and appreciation for its many joys.


Anne has practiced yoga for over 30 years. She believes the greatest teacher is the one practitioners eventually find in themselves, when they start creatively exploring and viscerally understanding their body’s own unique patterns and experiences. Yoga’s lessons have been central to Anne’s ability to thrive while engaging in vigorous physical activities, while creating harmony with past injuries. She is grateful and wonder-filled at the body’s ability to channel healing energy from its fathomless centers. As a teacher, Anne favors slow and deliberate yoga rhythms that allow for self-awareness and deep experiences of integration and alignment.

Anne has two 200-hour RYT certifications, including a 100-hour Anusara Immersion. She has a BA in South Asian Languages and Indian Epic Literature (Mahabharata and Ramayana), studied Hindi, Urdu, and Sanskrit and lived in South Asia. Anne has an MA in Third World Development, is an attorney currently working in civil rights law, and also does social justice, mediation and community-healing work. Anne has studied yoga and yoga teacher training with Sandy Adler, Michele Bulgatz, and Sarahjoy Marsh and Yoga Nada with Shanti Shivani; she is grateful for the many Eugene Yoga teachers who have helped her grow in her practice.

For the last three years, Anne has been teaching Evening Rhythms; Restoration, an asana practice intended to draw awareness to the grounding rhythms of evening, which balance the active energies of daytime with the nourishing repose of night. Anne is also interested in following the rhythms of the seasons with their corresponding elements, giving the body the opportunity to reconnect to and remember the larger patterns and ecologies from which it evolved.


Arielle enjoys practicing and teaching a creative Vinyasa Flow, cultivating a mind body connection by linking breath and movement. Having explored many forms of yoga throughout her life, she is a firm believer in the evolution of yoga. Her teaching draws from different backgrounds and offers sequences that balance strength and flexibility while building internal heat in a fun, safe environment. Arielle has completed a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. The wealth of knowledge she received from teachers Ganga White and Tracey Rich are the foundation of her instruction. Her continuing study of Scott Anderson’s Alignment Yoga is a steady influence in all her classes.


Brie Huling RYT500 is a therapeutic yoga teacher fresh off the boat from Brooklyn, New York, excited to be teaching in Eugene (her birthplace) after a 15 year Oregon hiatus! Brie came to yoga several years ago fluttering across the world between islands, forests, deserts, and finally back to Oregon to spend time with her family and mother living with terminal cancer. Throughout this journey, Brie came to the realization that the peace she was seeking was already inside of her. Brie is a graduate of the Abhyasa Yoga Center Teacher Training Program(500 hours). She provides her students with a safe environment where they can cultivate an intimate relationship with themselves and practice self-compassion and non-judgment as they learn to meet themselves and others exactly where they are in this moment.


Carolyn began practicing yoga in 2004 and quickly found it a way to become present in body and mind. She feels called to support others on their path towards self acceptance and non-judgment and is currently working towards her certification in Ananda Yoga. Carolyn has a 15 year history of working in the mental health field and brings a gentle sense of compassion and love to her teaching.


Cevia enjoys exploring the ways that movement, breath work and the calming of the mind foster connection to the authentic self. She approaches this through an asana practice characterized by “gentle integrity”, addressing the areas of the physical body that support the nervous system, promote ease of movement and give access to renewed/sustained states of vitality and joy.

Drawing from her experiences working with individuals from diverse language and cultural backgrounds as a teacher of English as a Second Language, Cevia has a keen interest in the concepts of identity and home; she is curious about how they can be cultivated through the practice of yoga and developed from a place within. A graduate of Scott Anderson’s Alignment Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training program, Cevia is delighted to join the teaching staff at EY!


Deborah Skell is a Guild certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner. She trained in New York City and Amsterdam. Her initial contact with the Method® was after her 3rd total hip replacement, she spent 9 months in traditional physical therapy and she still was unable to walk without a cane. In 10 days she had 3 Feldenkrais lessons and put the stick down. She went from being disabled to able in a matter of minutes. The emotional impact of her recovery was profound – life changing. Mosche Feldenkrais said, “I make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.”


Donna, a lifelong teacher, of music, nature, science and health, was certified to teach Hatha Yoga through Ananda Yoga in 1995, and has been teaching yoga ever since. She is now Yoga Alliance registered as E-RYT 500 (The “E” means she’s an Experienced Teacher, and she is, with many years!). She’s also a Certified Chiropractic Assistant, who works with clients to create an individualized healing yoga practice. Her classes guide the student into a deep experience of the body, and the heart of our Highest Self. A perpetual student as well as teacher, Donna is grateful to the many wonderful teachers who have guided and influenced her teaching, including the experiences that Life, the Great Teacher, has brought her. Om.


Erin came to yoga after a knee injury challenged her to explore new ways of managing anxiety and engaging the physical body. Since then, asana, pranayama, and the study of Yoga Philosophy have become integral to her daily life! Erin completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training through Yoga Shakti, a studio dedicated to the preservation and transmission of traditional yoga knowledge and practices. Erin is currently enrolled in the 500-hour teacher training, which focuses on the physical, theoretical, and experiential aspects of both Yoga and Ayurveda. With a (bilingual) Ph.D. in Latina/Chicana Studies, Erin also teaches university courses, self-defense classes, and activist workshops.

Erin deeply respects the reciprocal learning process inherent to teaching (yoga); she particularly enjoys working with women, youth, seniors, and marginalized communities. As in her own daily practice, Erin’s classes emphasize breath control, alignment integrity, and deep core engagement, all toward the end of cultivating self-awareness—on and off the mat. Delighted to join the Eugene Yoga community, Erin looks forward to getting to know you and your practice!


Jean is, in no particular order: a yogini, dog lover, mother of Gus, mother of rescue pup Hugo, Gyrotonic trainer, gardener, bike rider, sun worshipper, mystery novel reader, tap dancer/hoofer, chipaholic, Netflix binger, modern dancer with a love of spacious three-dimensional movement, 30+ year Eugenian transplanted from Chicago, cancer survivor, lover of detail, avocado fanatic, cineaste, a Duck fan and a diehard Cubs fan, teetotaler, Leo sun and Leo moon, Justin Peck groupie, movement educator.


Jennifer is a yoga educator who brings wisdom, kindness, and inquiry to the mat. She blends heartfelt yoga philosophy, and asana, with the intelligence of the biomechanics of the body. She skillfully teaches to a diversity of students, enabling each to find ease and confidence on the mat. Her ability to take her life experiences as a single mother of two brings community and connection to the yoga experience. She is grateful to her teachers, Sarahjoy Marsh and Scott Anderson, with whom she participated in 500RYT trainings.


Lisa Namyet has a 25-year yoga practice and re-discovered yoga in a whole new way in the year 2000 after a series of unfortunate injuries. She worked to heal from the inside out by quieting the mind, being present in each moment, and using positive intention. Lisa’s passion is to help others rejuvenate and heal the body and mind through the use of gentle movement, breathwork, restorative yoga, and the healing guided meditation of Yoga Nidra (proven to reduce stress and improve sleep and well-being). Combining her skills from careers in nursing, business management, and parenting, in 2015, Lisa completed a 500-hour Yoga Teacher and Therapy training with Sarahjoy Marsh in Portland, OR. In 2016, she completed Richard Miller’s Level One and Two iRest Yoga Nidra Trainings, and, in 2017 Lisa was certified by the IAYT as a Yoga Therapist.


Roxanne came to find ground & embodiment through the practice at a pivotal point in her life.  Her service with Eugene Yoga began in 2016 and has included extensive hours of teaching a broad spectrum of classes to a dynamic base of students.  Through a deep listening, attention & curiosity, Roxanne seeks to light up the experience of being a body.

RYT 200


I began my career as a yoga educator in 2007. I am a 500 hour ERYT and have spent the last ten years strongly committed to sharing my understanding and ex-perience of yoga with many people. In my classes I am dedicated to holding a space for people who are interested in exploring their own unique expression of yoga. First and foremost, I am devoted to supporting every student I work with in creating a wholesome sustainable practice. Physically, I strive to create sequences that support the development of both strength and flexibility. Mentally, I am in-spired to weave the dynamic breath practices that are fundamental in yoga to de-velop the ability to focus and calm the mind. Emotionally, it is my highest hope that anyone who I share with feels secure and confident in their personal practice. See you on the mat!


Stephanie is a 200 hr RYT Instructor from upstate New York. She received her training at Kripalu School for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts in 2016. Along with her Yoga certifications, Stephanie is also a 100 hr Mat Pilates instructor and received her training from Body Conscious Pilates LLC in 2012. Prior to her training, Stephanie practiced Yoga as a way to keep fit and flexible- initially only focused on its physical benefits. However, during her training she discovered the philosophical and spiritual side to Yoga and for her that helped change her life. Understanding how powerful it was for her, and how it can help off the mat, Stephanie wanted to make sure others were aware of it too. She makes sure to provide messaging in each one of her classes and weaves that theme throughout. Stephanie’s teaching style is a slower flow. It implements motivational messaging, breath work, stretching, core work and flow. She often blends some of her Pilates practice in with her Yoga routine to create a unique style of fusion flow. Stephanie emphasizes proper form and alignment, and moving the body in a safe manner. She wants students to be able to understand and know their own body and what it needs. To Stephanie, Yoga isn’t just an exercise, it’s a lifestyle whether you’re 18, or 80, and she wants to provide that to students so they can have a practice they can do multiple times a week and keep for a lifetime. When Stephanie is not on the mat you can find her out in the woods exploring, hiking with her 11 year old dog Murdock and taking pictures to document her journey, or sometimes at the local brewery enjoying a tasty craft beer!


My interest in yoga began in 1994 while studying mind-body interactions during graduate school. Over the years I’ve studied several yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques in pursuit of a better understanding of how mind-body connections affect and enhance health. Always a lover of the outdoors, I love to surf, rock climb, hike and camp. In 2008 a surfing accident resulted in a severe nerve injury that set me on the journey to my current daily practice. I aspire to inspire my students by offering a guided practice that challenges them to grow at their own pace, without judgment. I am honored to serve my students, and hope to see you on the mat soon.