Message from a new teacher

Dear Eugene Yoga Community, 

I have just recently joined the teaching staff here at Eugene Yoga and I just want to say a big Thank You:

1. To our fearless leader Valerie, her assistant Roxanne and all the teachers at these studios. Valerie and Roxanne and all the staff have been keeping Eugene Yoga running so beautifully during these challenging, yet transformative times. 

2. To the Patrons; Thank you all so much for your dedication to the studios, our offerings and your practice. Without you all, we teachers are just nerding out in our home practices ~ and it is the sharing that makes this practice so special. Our combined energy is healing our planet, one class at a time. 

Story: I attend home births and one of my incredible Mothers just recently shared with me that our inner states such as anger, rage or fire can too contribute to the global climate shift that is occurring… that literally blew my mind. I am aware that things like deforestation, carbon emissions and things of this nature are a huge cause, but wow ~ I have never put these two together. Our own inner climate, each individual human body, if we cool ourselves down, we shall cool the planet energetically… and I cannot think of a better way than to breath together and find balance and harmony within our bodies. 

So here’s to taking action, in our own bodies, aka personal responsibility for the health of our planet, one yoga class at a time. 

Much love and looking forward to seeing new faces in my classes if you’d like to try a little something new! 

Hatha 1-2 Tuesdays 9am

Hatha 2-3 Thursday’s 9am 

Advanced Asana Wednesday Evenings at 5:30-6:45

In Gratitude,