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I Love Eugene Yoga

“Katie holds a very nurturing & clear space for internal research. She is exquisite with her cueing. She says just enough to guide the practice without the confusion of too many words. Her sequencing is cohesive & balanced. I feel she is very skilled & it is a blessing that she is part of this community!!!”

“ Jennifer channels self-love ♡ ”

“ Shanti’s class is amazing! Thank you! ”

“ Amalia rocks! Such thoughtful classes. ”

“ Jean’s Ashtanga is a game-changer — she’s the real deal. ”

“ Laura is excellent at teaching you through a pose. I like her guidance. ”

“ I have been attending yoga regularly for the past month and I already see an improvement in my tennis game, as well as experiencing fewer injuries. I can’t wait to see what is does for my golf game. I feel as good after yoga as I do after a massage or a visit to my chiropractor and it is certainly cheaper. I am getting stronger and more flexible each week. Yoga rocks! ”

“ Recovering from a heart procedure to treat Supraventricular tachycardia, I was still having some of the same symptoms as before, such as racing heartbeat and palpitations along with dizziness and light-headedness. I started practicing yoga with Eugene Yoga twice a week and within a few weeks, I had a significant decrease in my symptoms. I also felt more relaxed, had more energy and felt “awakened” spiritually and more in tune with myself. I am amazed at the healing powers of yoga. ”

“ Yoga was such a big part of my healing process through my leave time. I probably never really expressed to my instructor how much I appreciated her and her support Yoga classes for help me feel great. The practice of Yoga provides the support I need for my pelvic floor issues. ”

“ I wanted to say that I received wonderful instruction on how to open and go into poses, so that I was able to have a deep experience. The instructor was very caring and knowledgeable, keeping me safe in the poses. I will definitely be coming back to take her class again next week. ”


Eugene Yoga aspires to be a home studio for all yoga practitioners seeking an authentic, sustainable yoga practice. Our variety of Hatha, Vinyasa, and specialty offerings emphasize mind-body integration through high-quality instruction in our safe and tranquil spaces.


Our Vision is to inspire health and harmony within our community. Our skilled yoga instructors empower lifelong ease of movement on and off the mat. Eugene Yoga values are embodied through our diverse offering of classes, workshops, and retreats. We envision a yoga community that collaborates with other studios, schools, and organizations to help students of all persuasions find their yoga practice.


  • We value the practice of yoga for the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social health it supports.
  • We value community and believe in providing safe, supportive spaces (online and in person) for staff and participants.
  • We value knowledge and expertise. We are committed to continually educating and re-educating ourselves, and to sharing our knowledge and understanding.
  • We value the health of our staff, students, and planet.
  • We value balance – in our mind, body, and emotions.
  • We value peace, kindness, compassion, and service.
  • We value individuality, diversity, and empowerment.
  • We value integrity – honesty, ethics, accountability, and professionalism.
  • We value sustainability. We believe in empowering students with a healthy, sustainable yoga practice. We are committed to ensuring our business is sustainable and can have longevity. And we are committed to contributing to the sustainability of our natural world.

Owner Spotlight

My interest in yoga began in 1994 while studying mind-body interactions during graduate school. Over the years I've studied several yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques in pursuit of a better understanding of how mind-body connections affect and enhance health. I'm also a complete anatomy nerd, and love to infuse my classes with tidbits of knowledge about the wonders of human movement. As a lover of the outdoors, I've spent many happy hours surfing, rock climbing, hiking and camping. In 2008 a surfing accident resulted in a severe arm injury that set me on the journey to my current practice and a 2015 RYT-200 certification. I purchased Eugene Yoga in 2018 and am now focused on providing our community with a wide range of yoga practices guided by exceptional teachers who are steeped in wisdom and authenticity. I am honored to serve you as steward of Eugene Yoga. Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]

Valerie doing a plank

Operations Coordinator

Roxanne found her place with Eugene Yoga in 2016. Her service to this community has included extensive & dynamic hours of teaching and administrative work. As Operations Coordinator, Roxanne has intentions rooted in facilitating connections between the Eugene Yoga community and offerings that serve them well. Roxanne is grateful for the time she’s shared with Eugene Yoga, and she looks forward to a continuity of community into the future.