Are you looking to reduce health care costs, increase morale and productivity, and boost your bottom line?  Overwhelming evidence shows that wellness programs help to enhance employee and corporate well-being.

"Five Reasons Employee Wellness is Worth the Investment"

Wellness programs typically include a variety of options designed to:

  • improve focus and concentration
  • manage stress and anxiety
  • improve health
  • increase strength, flexibility and balance
  • improve self-awareness and self-discipline
  • empower control over one’s health and healing
  • generate feelings of good will

Eugene Yoga and Wellness LLC offers a variety of sessions adaptable to people of all fitness levels and movement abilities. Each of these programs can be introduced as a one-hour lunch-and-learn session and/or offered as a 4-week, 45 minutes per week program. For example:

  • Stress Less at your Desk (focus: breath work and gentle stretching)
  • Mindfulness Matters (focus: improved awareness and concentration)
  • Chair and Desk Yoga (focus: movement for strength and agility)
  • Mat Yoga (more invigorating, needs an open space)
  • Balls Away! (uses exercise balls and body weight to improve strength, balance and flexibility)

In addition to offering sessions at your place of business, we offer companies the option to bulk-purchase class passes, providing you and your employees with access to 30 classes a week at our downtown and south hills locations. We can also schedule private group sessions at one of our studios exclusively for your group.

Corporate Rates start at $75/hour with licensed and insured instructors.