Challenging Ourselves To Grow In Our Practice

by Shanti Walling

          Within the hustle and bustle of our lives, sometimes our yoga practice can take the backseat. Perhaps we have just become bored or stagnant in our practice. There have been times in my life where I definitely have fallen into both of those traps and I always pay for it physically, mentally, and emotionally.
          Speaking from experience, the times that I have grown from the most have been some of the most challenging. I had to dedicate myself to my practice in spite of feelings of fear, discomfort, and resistance in order to come out the other side. Our yoga practice should be enjoyable but also offer us an environment to investigate places we resist or feel offer us a challenge. For example, if you like to be challenged physically perhaps it would be beneficial to try a more restorative class or even a more restorative variation of a pose you typically practice with more strength. If you gravitate toward gentle yoga, maybe it is time to challenge yourself with something more strengthening, or a more advanced variation of a pose you have been working on.
          Does all this mean that to grow we have to practice in a way that doesn’t feel comfortable or natural all the time? No! It is more about cultivating balance. Consistently try something new. Challenge yourself to push through resistance internally and physically. You will gain insights to yourself that might transform you on and off the mat.

April 2019